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Hi!  My name is Duke and I'm a 19 year old Bay Thoroughbred Gelding.  I'm the third of three horses from Vandenberg AFB that Fran calls the "Three Muskateers". My career as a military working horse began in Panama as part of the 24th Security Police Squadron in April 1998, along with my buddy Alamo.  While in Panama, I was used for daily patrols of the coastline of the Air Base.  My primary duty was Jungle Patrol.  While on this patrol, my goal was to prevent penetration of Panamanians on the Air Base.  The terrain was thick and treacherous.  I have thin skin, so I didn't like patrolling the jungle too much!  As Special Training, I was trained in criminal pursuit and attainment, as well as active riots.   I was transferred to Vandenberg AFB as my second duty assignment on 23 Sept 99.  While at Vandenberg AFB, I was also used for Beach Patrols, Protest/Riot Deterrent and for Crowd Control.  I participated in hunting/emergency searches or any other missing persons search.  

Age made it hard for me to work 8-10 hours a day.  I got tired too easily and it was decided that it was time for me to retire.  I sure enjoy the attention and easy riding at JAMES.  I've been in two parades and like being the center of attention.

I'm not up for adoption.  I help Fran and Steve promote JAMES by being in parades and I'm also a demonstration horse for the children who visit JAMES to learn more about horses like me – retirement is great!

Duke has proudly served the United States Air Force and they offer him their gratitude and thanks.



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