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I'm an 18 hand, 27 year old Warmblood gelding. In my younger days I was a jumper and my owner retired me because of an old suspensory problem in my leg. I have sensitive front feet and will always need front shoes to make sure I'm comfortable when I walk.

I like going out on trail rides. I wasn't too sure about all the bushes and such when I first arrived, but I do very well now, except for turtles…..I don't like turtles!! Not long ago the neighbor turtle came over for a bite of breakfast from the hay pile…. while I was tied to the hitching rail. It wasn't a pretty picture. I couldn't get loose and this "thing" was moving closer and no one seemed too interested in saving me. So, I did the only smart thing a horse could do…………… I reared up, took the top of the hitching rail off the posts, shook the rail loose of the lead rope, turned around and walked calmly back to my stall. I'm no fool…now everyone checks for turtles first, before they bring me out!

At my age, I don't have a need for speed and I give my riders a nice, easy ride. When I want to run, my favorite thing is to be let out in the large pasture area for a good long stretch. Retirement is just fine for this good ol' boy!

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