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My name is Lady Justice but everyone just calls me Lady J. I'm an 12 year old Percheron/Thoroughbred mare and I'm the biggest horse at JAMES, weighing in at over 1700 lbs! I'm also an alpha mare and on my first day here made sure that all JAMES' horses knew that I was the new sheriff in town.

I was a PMU foal born in Saskatchewan Canada. PMU foals are the "side effect" of mares used in the collection of pregnant mare urine, which is in turn used in the manufacture of estrogen products. Many of the newly born foals are destroyed or taken to slaughter in order to allow their moms to be bred again right way. The farm I came from did take care in their breeding program, giving me and others like me, a better chance of being sold to good homes.

I was taken in by an organization called Animali when I was 6 months old and a year later I was purchased by Vandenberg AFB and trained to participate in their equine program. I developed white line disease in my rear hoof and it was decided that I would be retired to JAMES in an effort to cure and correct my hoof.

I have a sweet, gentle disposition, loads of sass and energy and on a dead run, I am truly an imposing sight to behold……….and I know it!

I'm not available for adoption until my hoof issue is resolved but you can come out to visit me and bring me treats!

Lady Justice has proudly served the United States Air Force and they offer her their gratitude and thanks.

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