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Hi!  My name is Mohawk and I'm a 7 year old Tennessee Walker Gelding.  My job at Vandenberg AFB was working cattle and land management with the range manager.  One day I was being a bit mischievous and ran away from my handler.  I had a nice long run, with an empty saddle, did some exploring and then somehow got my tack all caught up and tangled and I couldn't move.  The nice people at the nearby railroad called my two legged friends at VAFB and a trailer soon arrived to take me home.  My career working cattle was over, and being such a little guy at only 14.2 hh,  I wasn't big enough to be a Special Forces horse.  My buddy, Duke, was retiring to J.A.M.E.S. and it was decided that I would go too and Fran would try to find me a good home. 

I'm too young to be retired!  I may be small, but I'm all feet and ready to go… and that's my problem… when I go, I go fast, right from the second a butt hits my saddle!  My friend, Tera, is trying to teach me how to be a little more patient and to start off slow.  Sometimes Fran lets me out in the big pasture area so I can have a good long run.  She says I “fly” and that I'm beautiful to watch…wow!

While I'm waiting for that special family to find me, I'm enjoying my life at J.A.M.E.S. and I especially like being turned out to run with my good buddy, Chance.



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