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I'm a 20 yr. old, 16.2 hh Appendix Thoroughbred gelding.

I came from Bisbee AZ and I'm quite the character. I have mastered the art of working a halter off my head and during the trip to JAMES, the hauler had to stop twice to re-secure me. The third time he just let me stroll around the trailer for the remainder of the trip!

I'm a great ride, both English and Western, but I need an experienced rider. If I'm walking on a lead rope in an open area I like to challenge my handler by bolting and taking a nice trot all to myself. Volunteer Danielle tried to teach me that I'm not allowed to do that and would tell me, in a rather loud voice, "Really? You're really not going to test me on this are you?" I'm doing much better, but a good run in the open is such a temptation!

I don't like the wind and during a very windy night I got scared and kicked my stall railing. Steve said I did a nice job of bending the rail, but by the tone of his voice, I don't think that was a compliment. In the process, I hurt my back leg and was on "stall rest" for a few months.

I've mellowed quite a bit since the move to the new ranch, but still love a good run in the pasture area and I need a rider with a firm hand who won't put up with my shenanigans!

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