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Hi!  My name is Sergeant but everyone here just calls me "Sarge".   I'm a Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding and the second of the "Three Muskateers".  My life as a military working horse began at Vandenberg Air Force Base on  Sept 1, 1996.  I was purchased, with one other horse, by the chief of Wildlife, James Mercier, in order to initiate the new Mounted Patrol.   I was a professional roping horse before coming to Vandenberg AFB.  At my first duty station, I performed Beach Sweeps, Protest/Riot Control, Housing Patrol and patrolled the Wildlife Reservation.   As time went on, my riders decided that I had just a little too much "pep" for these particular jobs.  I was then transferred to Lompoc Penitentiary, a more suitable job for me, rounding up cattle, doing field work and riding the open range.  I also came in handy when the Penitentiary cattle got loose of their pens at Vandenberg AFB!  I could do the work that a truck or ATV was unable to do, and do it with speed, perfection and agility. 

The daily pace finally took a toll on my tendons and it was decided that it was time for me to retire.  I made the trip to JAMES with my buddy, Alamo.  I also have a very special buddy here at JAMES, Fran's grandson Quinn - I think he likes me the best!

I'm going to live the rest of my days here at JAMES - retirement is pretty nice!

Sergeant has proudly served the United States Air Force and is considered one of the best military horses ever to serve at Vandenberg AFB.



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