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Hi!  My name is Sitara but everyone at JAMES calls me "Mama".   I'm an 8 year old Appaloosa mare and I'm Tommy Boy's mother.  I was found at a breeding farm in Fresno where 85 of my herd-mates and I were left to starve.  Linda, the woman who saved me, was planning to give me to a boys home in Palm Desert but when they found out I was expecting Tommy Boy, they didn't want me.  So Linda found JAMES and Fran and Steve picked me up a few days before Christmas - I was a pretty nice Christmas present, don't ya think?!  

I've been running free with a herd for so long, that I really don't like the confines of a halter.  I kept telling Fran that, but she insisted on putting that thing over my nose and around my ears.  I thought my approach was quite subtle, but I'm finding out that turning my backside to a 2 legged and kicking wasn't an acceptable way of getting my point across!    So, Fran has given me a break since Tommy Boy was born and is just letting me alone to be a good mom - but somehow I don't think this is the end to the halter affair!

Arrangements are in the making for my adoption to a very nice lady who lives not far from JAMES.  Her name is Val and I have two handsome stall mates waiting for my arrival.  I guess Val doesn't mind that I need some work on my manners!  I'll stay at JAMES with Tommy Boy until the end of summer, when it's time for him to learn to be a horse in his own right, but it's nice to know I'll be close enough to visit once in a while.



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